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Osteoarthritis Webinar

Improving the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients with an innovative, natural and effective therapeutic approach.

Turmeric in sports nutrition

Dr. Tomás Fernández Jaén, head of the Sports Medicine and Traumatology Service at the CEMTRO clinic explains the benefits of turmeric in sports.

Supplementation with nutraceuticals in osteoarthritis

Round table discussion with Dr. Jordi Monfort, head of service at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona and a patient on nutraceutical supplementation in the approach to osteoarthritis at the OAFI patient congress.

OAFI Radio

We talked to Dr. Jordi Monfort about osteoarthritis and bio-optimized turmeric.

OAFI Radio

Dr. Jordi Monfort, head of the Rheumatology Department at Hospital del Mar and Dr. Josep Vergés, CEO and founder of OAFI talk about the therapeutic approach to osteoarthritis.


Procare Health launches Dolocare ® Flex: a new natural option in the management of patients with joint pain 

El PAÍS cinco días: Procare Health, the laboratory specialized in Women’s Health