Everything you need to know about Vitamin D

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Ovosicare Fertility® New Launch: improve fertility from your own clinical practice

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Measures to prevent and treat Human Papillomavirus infection

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10 myths and truths about human papillomavirus

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The concentration of hyaluronic acid and formulation makes the difference between vaginal moisturizer

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La Razón Award for innovation in medical solutions for women

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Mía: Interview to Yann Gaslain

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Everything you need to know about human papillomavirus

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Prevention and treatment of HPV-induced lesions

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‘Papilocare’, effective at restoring HPV-induced lesions

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‘Papilocare’ (Procare Health) shows evidence of efficacy at restoring HPV-induced lesions

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‘Papilocare’ (Procare Health) shows evidence of efficacy at restoring HPV-induced lesions

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El médico: interview to Yann Gaslain

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Procare Health launches Dolocare Flex: a new natural choice in the management of patients with joint pain

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Papilocare, el nuevo tratamiento para prevenir el papiloma humano (VPH)

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El PAÍS cinco días: Procare Health, a women’s health specialized laboratory

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Procare Health and UCLA University undertake a World-Pioneering Research to Create a Cervical Cancer Chip

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