The EUROGIN congress offers a top-quality and innovative scientific program addressing highly relevant topics about the HPV. One of the main strenghts of the meeting consists of the fact that it gathers outstanding international representatives from the academic sector, professional and patient organizations around the same table. The event’s main objective consists of accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries into day-to-day practice. 

Procare Health in the EUROGIN

Once again, Procare Health has collaborated in the EUROGIN 2021 congress, which was held virtually. The efficacy results of Papilocare® were presented with two oral communications and a digital poster. The oral communications show the new results of the PAPILOBS study (Dr. Damián Dexeus), with special emphasis on the efficacy of Papilocare on HPV in women over 40 years old; and the corroborated efficacy of the vaginal gel in several studies and clinical trials (Yann Gaslain)