The 21st edition of the National Meeting on Women’s Health and Medicine (SAMEM) took place from 29 September to 1 October 2021. The meeting took place in Madrid, at the College of Doctors, and was held in person.

Since 1998, SAMEM’s mission has been to contribute to the dissemination of clear and useful information on new developments in diagnosis and medical treatment, updating concepts, bringing together the criteria of the Scientific Societies and drawing attention to clinical problems. Above all, focusing on the development of protocols for action and, above all, emphasising prevention.

Procare Health at the SAMEM

Once again, Procare Health has collaborated in the SAMEM 2021 congress through 3 presentations. The first of the communications, given by Dr. Luis Serrano and Dr. Fernando Losa, explained the new results in the management of HPV with or without low-grade lesion with gel based on Corolious versicolor. The second presentation focused on the importance of a non-hormonal treatment to treat menopause as a first option, explained by Dr. Silvia P. González. The third of the presentations delved into the subject of fertility, in this case given by Dr. Fernando Losa.

Procare Health HPV Conference – New results obtained

Menopause – Moving on or surrendering to it